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Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd is an Afghan National, Non-Governmental and Non-Political Company established in 2006 and registered in Ministry of Commerce and Industries. Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd is VIP member of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) which export Asafoetida (Heng/Hing) internationally. In National Exports Forum and Recognition of best exporters, Mustafa Sultan Zada Ltd has achieved best Exporter of the Year Award and Best Medical Plant Exporter Award from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well as the Biggest Exporter of Asafoetida in Afghanistan.

What is Asafoetida?

There is a perennial herb genus called Ferula exudes sap from its taproot. This sap is the dried latex or resin that is called asafoetida. This plant is native to Iran and the Middle East, but it is found as far as India, where it is widely cultivated. Although the smell of the plant is quite pungent, when used in cooking and food preparation, the taste and aroma are not unlike a leek. Some of the common names for Ferula assa-foetida include asant, Devil’s dung, and ting. The dried variety of asafoetida can be crushed into a spice and added to many different foods, and is commonly found in Indian cuisine, in dressings, glazes, in sautés, and as a typical spice. Its pungent smell is usually lessened to a more manageable level when cooked in oil or ghee. It had been used for thousands of years in its native land and it started growing popular in Europe and neighboring regions after the 16th century.

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Abdul Razeq Sultan Zada

Position in Company: President

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Contact Number: +93 (0) 793 000000 | +93 (0) 788333333

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Darwazi Shadyan, Sultan Zada Market, Markaz Balkh- Mazar-E-Sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan

Kabul Branch: Plot 3, Street 6, Sarak-e-now Industrial Area, Jalalabad Main Road Kabul, Afghanistan

Postal Address: P.O.BOX No: 1920 Central Post Office Kabul Afghanistan

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